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The "You HAVE To See This!" Situation/Problem

Raising Hope.
A great TV series on FOX with a tremendous amount of randomness and loveable characters.
And yesterday, I watched the last episode of the current season.
I tried to avoid rushing through the episodes just as I take my time with a good book. If you enjoy something, you wanna enjoy it as long as you can, right?
Well, the curiosity for what happens to lil' Hope (more or less the protagonist of the show) was stronger than my patience and now there is a huge slot left in my schedule, which is to be filled with another great TV series - and that's where the problem begins...

We all know friends and acquaintances that recommend a certain series, a new band, some kind of movie or a place to go to. And they always try to convince you that you HAVE to see or try it. The more time passes by, the more people try to get you to do what they requested and the more things are thrown at you.

Try this! Listen to that! Oh no, really, it's very good! You need to check it out! Next time, we REALLY need to try cooking Indian food... No wait, maybe sushi!
So many things to try out, and so many empty promises... In the end, you don't choose any of the recommended things, because the magnitude of enjoyable music/series/movies/etc exceeds your range of concentration and definitely the time you want to invest into enjoying yourself. The day only has 24 hours... And considering that I already watch more hours of American entertainment (including Youtube) than 90% of the people I know, it's hard to add something to the list.

But as I said, I have ONE slot for a new series now that Raising Hope got X-ed off from my schedule (until the 4th season comes out) and I'm looking for something to *Attention!: bad pun* fill my hole. Get it? ...
I now allow people to bombard me with their suggestions.
Let's hope that I don't get hooked on too many of them. Or the other way around: that I am able to choose something from the list. Or else...

~music time~

Bastille - Laura Palmer (RAC Mix)

Jai Paul - Crush (Jennifer Page Cover)

The xx - Shelter (Beat Culture Remix)

Sia - Kill and Run
This track and the one beneath are from the Official Soundtrack of "The Great Gatsby" (2013). Seems to be a great soundtrack (except for Beyoncé's version of "Back to Black" -.-) ... Check it out!

Skylar Grey - Final Warning

That's it for now, guys... If you have any suggestions on what series is really worth watching, let me know in the comment section below! ;)


  1. The Walking Dead
    Breaking Bad

    Take your choice, or let us talk about it on thursday <3

  2. 2 Broke Girls.

  3. Danke fürs Folgen. Guten Musikgeschmack haste. :) Ich folg mal zurück!