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Why I Hate Summer...

Yay, it's summertime! Slushies, sexy beach bodies and sunshine! :D

I thought that this year's summer might not even kick in properly after all, but I was wrong. It's just as bad as the years before.
I can honestly say that summer is my least favorite time of the year. I hate almost everything about it. Maybe I'm pessimistic, maybe it's my inner capricorn, but I'm constantly in a bad mood. Even the nice things like the bright sky, the flourishing nature and the long days can't cheer me up. I add up a huge cluster of bad energy over the dark seasons and let it out as soon as the thermometer hits the 22°C mark.

"Why the '22°C'?", you might ask. Well, one could describe my body as "thick and juicy", meaning "looking like the Michelin man" - which can be extremely practical in some situation, oh yeah, definitely. But this bootylicious body-ody-ody is a two-edged sword, because it becomes a hot and heavy coat of flesh when faced with high temperatures. And I hate sweat/ing. Getting physical and doing sports would be so much easier and much more pleasurable if it wasn't for this nasty body fluid... And when you think it's hot enough already, the sun begins to troll you.
Damn you, sun!
Another thing I hate about summer: Birds.
Some people like getting up in the morning in a Disney-like way: with the sun tickling the tip of their noses and the sound of birds twittering in their ears.
To me, there is nothing more annoying as the mixed cawing, peeping and chirping of a dozen of different birds in the early hours when I'm trying to get my (resultless) beauty sleep. It's like they're sitting outside my window on the sill with a megaphone, trying to annoy the sh*t out of me!
Damn you, birds!
But the worst thing, the most devilish and gruelling of them all, is the hay fever.
Being allergic to pollen is like a combination of being sick, having a constant headache, sounding like Mr. Supergay and gushing out snot like an infant. And you know how much I like babies...
I'm writing this post lying in my bed surrounded by tissues, even though I wanted to help a good friend of mine with his furniture and house moving... 
Why would nature invent allergies? How stupid is that? I mean, wouldn't it be better for mankind's evolution to get rid of allergies and incompatibilities? Plus, how stupid do people with hay fever look during the pollen season!?
Damn you, nature!
So what do we learn from this?
Summer sucks.
The sun, birds and nature suck, too.
I guess I'll stay pale as the background of my drawings for the rest of the year. Again....


~music time~

Since last week's post was a little weak, I'll bombard you with 7 hot, new tracks that (hopefully) will cheer you up over the next desert-like days. Enjoy!

Hungry Kids of Hungary - Sharp Shooter

Lorde - Tennis Court
with only 16 years of age (!) one of the big surprises of 2013. she's gonna be big, y'all!

F Y F E -  Conversations

Johnny Stimson - Human Man

Joe Goddard ft. Mara Carlyle - She Burns
I cannot express how much I love this song. Takes me to another place...

Young Galaxy - New Summer

The Preatures - Is This How You Feel 
definitely THE song for this summer. and like Lorde, they're gonna rock the charts, I just know it!!

Have a nice summer, guys. Or at least try to...


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