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Being nice can be a strategy...

Yeah, it's that time again. I have loads of new music that I want to share with - well ... who are you? Friends of mine who saw a link to this blog via facebook? Weirdos who live just one ocean away? Or maybe someone with a similar name has an aaawesome blog and you just typed the wrong thing into the search bar?
... and because of the fact that I can't wait 'til the end of this month to make a "May Favorites", I'll just show some of the tracks RIGHT NOW!

Emma Louise - Boy

"Boy" is somewhere between 'aw, so dreamy and catchy' and 'damn, nice lyrics!'. I guess this one's a keeper (a track that stays in your fav playlist for more than 2 or 3 months..)

Alex Winston - Guts (The Sound Of Arrows Remix)

You know, when you're walking down the road having your ear plugs in and you walk with the rhythm of the song that's playing at this moment? This one has the perfect speed for walking - at least for me... Because of the clear beats, you're really strutting your stuff on your imaginary 'catwalk' while listening to this track :D

Studio Killers - Ode to the Bouncer (Video)

I HAD to include the video for this one, because I got to know the song with the video. A friend of mine showed it to me some weeks ago and I absolutely love it. The colors, the graphics, the little, creepy girl... everything. A fun song with a very - I repeat: VERY - catchy chorus.

Felix Cartal - Tonight (feat. Maja Ivarsson [from The Sounds])

Did I say that the Alex Winston song was perfect for walking around with attitude? Forget that... THIS is the one!!!

Young the Giant - Apartment

Let's not forget about real music. Real instruments, real feelings, real humans. Young The Giant's music has substance, just like the music of Mumford&Sons or Kings of Leon. Again a song a / this friend showed me...

That's it. These are the ones that keep playin'n'playin'n'playin in my playlist.
Now let's come back to the title. Almost forgot about that one...
It's been one of those many days where you sit back and reflect ... think about people, about the stuff they said, the way you responded and whether you could've changed everything by saying something different. I know that I'm a trustworthy and honest person; that people see me as being optimistic and joyful, with a bad sense of humor, yeah, but at least they know that I have one ..
I once had to write a short essay about "Who am I?" and got an A+. Because I was honest. And because I told the truth about the motives of what I do and how I behave. That I sometimes act like the nice, little boy just to keep the image of a harmless, naive kid. But I see and hear things just like everyone else. And I use it. I use them, the people, sometimes, too...
I think that most of us do nice things to get something out of it. To get something back. Surely everyone thinks about the others, too, and how they can help the people around them... But in the end, they subconsciously know "I did something for him. This strengthens our bond. When I want something in the future, I can ask him to do it for me or to help me with it."
...Took a lot of time to realize that. But that's what I think. Don't get me wrong - most of the time, we want the best for everyone else. But there are times, where you think about yourself and how you can benefit from a certain acquaintanceship/relationship. Let's call this the "Thought of the Day" or so... [What do you think? Do you agree with that?]

*awkward ending*
Have a nice week, guys!


  1. Deleting comments now? Honesty isn't welcome here, huh?

    1. Why would he/she delete something?

    2. couldn't take criticism!!!

  2. criticism about what?

    1. Her/His personality! If you know what I mean?
      By now I'm almost sure it's a girl. Guys wouldn't be so deceitful!

  3. @anonymous: you insulted me. criticism is supposed to be constructive, isn't it? I asked for your opinion and not whether you "like" me or my view on things. I'm sorry if I offended you in any way.
    Plus, I did not say that everything I do is just to get something out of it. I said that I sometimes see a benefit for myself in what I do for others. Everybody does it now and then, right? Let's not make a huge deal out of it. I would like it if you stated your opinion about my thesis. Thank you in advance :)

    1. I wasn't insulting you. I wanted you to realise that you are contradictory and you do in fact come across a little selfish and not like the nice guy you always talk about.

      Just think about that and maybe include it in the genesis of the next blog.
      However deleting my post wasn't the right thing to do.
      I get it ... You didn't like it, but let the readers of this blog decide what they think about good AND bad comments.

  4. I just think that it's a little exaggerated to call it "selfish". But I do get your point. Thank you for your honest opinion... I hope you still enjoy the music you find on this blog :)

  5. well, i understood what u meant, max. i guess u don't "use" people but you see certain good things that can happen because of a friend u have or so. and to me u don't seem so selfish. by the way me like ur taste in music. best wishes from russia :)

  6. I don't really get the point of this discussion ... isn't that what a realtionship is all about? Giving and taking? What's the point in having a friend when all you do is give and never get something back? Of course you expect to get something out of a relationship. If you give, you receive. Otherwise, I wouldn't call it a relationship.

  7. THANK YOU! finally someone who gets it...