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"Social Intelligence" - Or : Herp Derp, I'm Stoopid #2

Two things led to writing this post: a board game about general knowlegde and an upcoming re-exam.

I failed at the first try of an exam in "Language and Cognition" and - of course - need to do it again. The reason for failing at the first time may be that the lecture is just a combination of other lectures I had a year ago. But Max, if you already know all that stuff, you should be able to rock this exam, right? NO! This lecture combines the lamest parts of the other lectures and pushes them into a big, ugly ball of soporific knowledge. Like these rubber band balls. Why even collect all of them into a big ball of uselessness? Sure, a rubber band ball can be fun if you throw it around, but unfortunately, I cannot throw my lecture out of the window. 
While trying to study for the re-exam, my usual learning-mood sets in. Idleness.
After a few hours (sometimes just minutes) of learning, my eyes can't identify letters anymore and only rush over the black symbols on the white background. The seldomly heard voice in my head starts talking gibberish and I begin to stare like a brain-dead person. Realizing that it doesn't make sense to continue this nonsense, I gave up studying. But since the re-exam is in a few days from now and because I REALLY need to pass this time, I looked at my notes again - sensing that the cycle of brain-dead-ness might start all over again.
There is this game called "bezzerwizzer" (which means "know-it-all") where you have several fields that you have to cross in order to come to the end an win. To get further, you need to answer questions. These questions are about general knowledge, meaning History, Society, Media, Literature+Art, Geography, Music and so on. I played this game with 2 of my friends in the hopes of maybe enjoying it (I mean, it's a game... you SHOULD have fun doing it, right?). Oh boy, was I wrong! Up to this day, I feel my ego vegetating to the point of extinction, because I just feel so damn stupid and like I'm lagging behind. The other guys had no problem listing every state of the USA, answering questions about foreign wars and overall excelling in this freakin' game for - as the title says it - "know-it-all"s. It's like my brain is not even able to process these pieces of information, as if there are some knowledge-receptors missing. Or as if I have enough of them, but not just the right kind or only the ones, that can receive information that would never be relevant in any kind of exam. My brain is trolling me! :c
Sure, I answered some of these questions correctly. And they might have been questions that the other 2 could never answer in their whole life... But do you wanna know what kind of answers they were? Hm? One of them was "Kylie Minogue." KYLIE. F*CKING. MINOGUE!  So embarrassing ._.''

But hey. Obviously, Music was one of those topics that were quite easy for me to answer. Maybe I'm not "stoopid," but just equipped with different knowledge-receptors. Or so...

Also, I've been talking about something like "Social Intelligence" with a few friends of mine over the past few months...Not only does this give me the opportunity to still be kind of smart, haHA!, it also defines another very important part of being intelligent. And that is being social! - well, in my eyes at least. The ability to communicate with the people who surround you, sensing the intentions of others while talking to them and noticing meanings above the level of normal understanding. I think, I can do that. Yeah, I think, I'm kind of socially intelligent.. What do you think? Is there something like "Social Intelligence" and if so, is it part of being a smart, open-minded and judicious person? (Let me know in the comment section below!)


So let's see what my music collection has to offer today... A nice mix of Pop, Indie, Electronica and Alternative. Something for everyone! :]

Blondfire - Waves

Mypet - Pays To Know

Tetr4 - Delta (C2C) 

Hey Champ - Cold Dust Girl (Gemini Club Remix)

...found this song while looking for the movie "Pina" (2011). Great soundtrack!!!
Jun Miyake - Lillies of the Valleys (Pina OST)

You can (!) download these songs with the download helper app if you want to (you should consider buying them and supporting the artists, though). So enjoy them - and the rest of the weekend, too ;)

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  1. You should motivate yourself. Doesn't matter what you're using to do so. An evening with friends, something to eat, anything would work. I think, it would work out WAY BETTER with studying this way. :)

    About your brain... Everybody's different. Some folks know almost anything about history, you know much about music and artists. It's not that bad. Just try to learn something from that game and it'll be fine.

    Yours, sincerely.