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Sweet Dreams AREN'T Made Of This...!

When "normal" people come up to you and say Man, I had the craziest dream last night! , they normally dreamt about the most boring dream sceneries ever: They were being chased by an unknown man or monster / running without moving forward / some other symbolic sh*t. These are dreams that have a certain notion - a notion you can figure out with just a liiiiittle bit of logic.

There is no logic to my dreams.
It's not that they don't make sense. Each dream shows a complete and well thought out story. It's just that these stories are illogical if you try to think of their relevance considering my hopes, dreams, wishes and fears.

Imagine this:
There is a tiny, little world with a small number of houses on it. Each house looks exactly the same: futuristic; big windows; huge backyard... Above all these houses and around the world is a net of streets, more or less like a round, flying street cage, so to speak. Without knowing where I come from, I land on one of the streets above the houses in the middle of the night - on my 4 paws. Yes, I am a cat. Well, not a cat, more like an asexual cat alien. I start to run on this net of streets, chasing the echo of my wandering which I leave behind because of my enormous speed.
Somehow, I slip off the street net and fall down on the backyard of one of the houses and, unfortunately, into a swimming pool which the family of the house built up there. I crawl out of it and begin to sneeze - my alien-esque nature can't cope with the cold water and so I instantly get sick. The mother of the house apparently sees or hears what happens in her backyard and runs outside to help me. She notices my sneezing and gives me medicine - again, something that my alien body can't process and so I react to it. I react to it by becoming a female cat alien. Don't ask me why, but this damn medicine changes my asexual alien race into an XX version.
And now the funny part begins.
The mother brings me into a hospital on this planet (How? Well, I don't know) and the doctors try to help me, but all hope is lost...
I bleed to death. Because I got my period.
I am a female cat alien on an unknown, futuristic planet that dies due to its menstruation after changing its sex because of some kind of medicine.

I wake up with the weirdest feeling in my stomach and an infinite number of question marks above my head. Why did I dream this? What does this mean? Does it even have a meaning? I will NEVER sleep again!
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This is just one example of the weirdness that is my mind. I also dreamt of being a drug-addicted, Swedish male supermodel, a baby that drowns in its own pee and a guy in a Saw-like room, who has to kill Sheldon from TBBT in order to survive -- to name only a few...

I documented the most intense dreams of the last few years on little notes and pinned them on a pin board to always remind myself how f*cked up my mind is. Or to look at them again in a few years and maybe figure out what's wrong with me...
And let's not begin with the sex dreams. That's a whole 'nother level of craycray!

The last dream I remember had something to do with cooking. Quite normal, right? Fingers crossed that I finally tamed my imagination!

~music time~

The Royal Concept - World On Fire

Kate Boy - The Way We Are
Wait for the drop ;)

Some Kinda Wonderful - Reverse

MS MR - Bones

Cosmo Sheldrake - The Fly
Irish folk -like vocals + Trip-Hop beats. Me likey :)

Austra - Home

Sweet dreams, guys!

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