Tiny Hand


Meet Jen!

Sometimes, only a strained smile can cheer you up!
It was a day like every other day in Jena. With one exception: the day hated me. And it did everything it could to bring me to my breaking point.
I almost overslept, we ran out of toothpaste (and toilet paper), it rained for hours and hours, the train was full of annoying school children, I got into a virtual conflict with a friend, I looked shitty (as usual) and visiting my seminars certainly didn't help.
But when I was on my way back to the train station running through a busy crowd of people, someone walked past me and had an incredible effect on me. Within the quick glance of not even 1 second, my eyes caught sight of the most tense, exerted and exaggerated smile I've ever seen. And somehow, this kinda smile seemed to me to be the most perfect smile a human creature could make with its face.
Jen - that's what I want to call her - was this human being. She seemed just as busy as the rest of the crowd, but different in some way. I don't think she was a student, judging from the huge backpack she was carrying. Maybe a foreign hitchhiker lost in the "big city" *cough cough*... I did not get to see much of her, but I did get an impression of her persona.
I like to think of Jen as a 26-year-old, child-loving, adventurous vegan, who once studied sociology and cultural studies, but gave up studying to help poor African children... Why she smiled that way - I don't know. And I don't get how a person can be both so extremely happy and in a rush at the same time. But seeing her with this excessively large smile on her face made me happy. It made me forget what a terrible day I had. Oh Jen, you brightened up my day!
And I bet that no matter where Jen walks and smiles, everything is (going to be) okay. No matter the situation.
No matter how dangerous....
...or tragic...
...or absurd...
...or, well, stupid it is...
You can always count on Jen's ability to brighten up the mood of even the crappiest situation with her strained and kinda inappropriate smile...
Long live Jen!!!

~music time~
Matthew Koma - One Night

Josef Salvat - Hustler
such a good song... really digging this artist right now...

Daughter - Get Lucky (Daft Punk Cover) [Obas Nenor Remix]

Tom Odell - Another Love (Naughty Boy Remix)
cinematic adaptation of a great song

Banks - Warm Water (Prod. by Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs)

Javelin - Light Out

I hope you enjoyed this weeks tracks and that maybe some Jen-like person can cheer you up when you're feeling down! :)

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