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Wave #6: German Music

Normally, I'm not too fond of German radio stations. I often find or "discover" great tracks several months before they start to play them here in Germany (sorry if this sounds cocky, but that's how it is...)
And IF they got their hands on something fresh, they overplay it until the song becomes either mainstream or an earwormy pain in the a** ...

Which is why I'm totally puzzled that a German radio station played Claire's "Games" and therefore introduced me to the band and their music. Their sound is just as well-produced and pleasing as any American production.

Listen to the Henry Krinkle Shelter Edit of the track below!

This incident made me notice that, yes, we Germans DO have some nice artists. In fact, German music (meaning with German lyrics) can be uh-maze-ing!
Unfortunately, it took this much time for me to realize that. I'll begin to listen to more German music from now on, I promise!

Rummaging through my media library, I found some German tracks that are worth mentioning and listening to... Since most of you are from Germany (the rest comes from the USA, Russia, Africa, Canada and Australia), you could already be familiar with most of these songs. And therefore, this track list might not be very "strong", if you know what I mean. But they're still good tracks - and maybe there are more German songs to come with the blog posts in the future! ;)


Bosse - So Oder So

Gamper & Dadoni - Wunder (feat. Katharina Vogel)

LAING - Morgens Immer Müde (Jan Diver Remix)

The next post is going to be either about French (and maybe other non-English) songs or just a normal blog post with fresh, new indie/electronica tracks - you choose! (see poll)

Enjoy your weekend, guys!

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