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Wave #5: Mixtapes

Normally, when you listen to music more or less actively, you listen to several tracks one after the other, right? And of course every player has a shuffle function or you make a playlist with the songs that you want to be included in the string of tracks that fit your mood. And this is where mixtapes go into action! If you find a mixtape that consists of at least 70% of tracks that you like, you're good to go. Considering that a mixtape is usually 1 hour long, you save time by listening to the whole thing rather than picking out your favorites one by one if you want something different. So here are a few nice mixtapes that I really enjoy and I hope you do, too! :)

FlightFacilities - 37,000 ft Mixtape

DJ Phono - This Sweet Love Extended Mix 2012

Yes Yes Y'all (Joshua) - I Love You Mix 2012

Yes Yes Y'all - While You Were Sleeping (MIX)

(By the way: Check out Yes Yes Y'all for more tracks and really nice music videos!)

Let these mixtapes play in the background while you do your internet-stuff/learning/cuddling/drawing/chatting/whatever and let me know of other mixtapes that you like!

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