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"LOL" - the drinking game!

Can you see this tiny, little box at the end of the screen when you scroll down 'til the end? It says 'hates [...] the "word" lol'. And I can certainly say that this is one of the "words" that infuriate me to the point of inner uproariousness!

Unfortunately, I was faced with this "word" a lot at a certain occasion. It is a word that seems to be very attractive to guys and girls that consider themselves "gamers" or internet-people in general.

The problem is that this "word" is used in a way that I can't cope with anymore. Not only is it a reference to everything that is funny or may seem funny in a certain situation, but it also seems to be a universal filler or ending sequence to an utterance. "LOL" in its spoken form equals a full stop. like WTF??

It's not the fact that the person uttering a "lol" is showing his emotion by using the abbreviation. It's the fact that they normally DON'T laugh, but replace it by a "word" that does not show the notion of the emotion at all. By saying the "word" lol, you do not show happiness, humor or delight. at. all. Sometimes, they make a little cough-sound before they say "lol", which - at least that's what I think - is supposed to represent the joy of laughing. But it is as far from being an equivalent to laughing as is Madonna from being a good singer.

This is how "lol-ers" (seem to) feel when they say the "word" lol:
 And this is how they actually look and sound like:

Laughing is an important part of your personality which shows your humor, your way of thinking, how outgoing you are and what you're interested in. Replacing it by a "word" is like replacing a kiss with a note that says "this is a kiss." Well, this actually sounds kind of sweet now that I think about it, but you get what I mean, right? Right?
The abbreviation should only be used via the Internet or ironically. It means "laugh(ing) out loud" - so why not just do exactly that?!?
For the sake of Glob the Almighty: Stop lol-ing, guys!! Just laugh out loud! Or giggle! Or chuckle! Or whatever! JUST DO IT! SHOW YOUR EMOTION!


And now the drinking game begins! :D Re-read this post and drink every time I consider 'lol' a "word" ;) Have fun!


~music time~

Say Lou Lou - Julian

Janelle MonĂ¡e - Tightrope (Oliver Nelson Remix)

IYES - Glow (demo)

Awolnation - Sail (Nico Pusch Remix)

Snap! ft. Sagi Rei - Rhythm Is A Dancer (Gamper & Dadoni Remix)

Unfortunately, the new semester starts tomorrow. I can't even tell you how excited I am! ..Not.
But we can do this! Together we are strong! Whoooaaaah!!


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