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Me and BOB!

The way you see yourself and the way others do differs drastically. I (re)learned this the hard way.
It all started with a friend who obviously has enough storage space on her cellphone to have a photo for everyone in her contact list. Max, I want to see your face when you phone me! Nice one. Nice one...
So without asking, she took her phone out of her bag and held it in front of my face to make that goddamn picture. EDIT: I hate when people want to make photos of me, because whenever they wanna do that, I look like sh*t. Literally, sh*t! ... Well, little did I know, her phone came with a camera that has a light next to it. And this very light was flashing so brightly that I had to squint my eyes. Just get this over with!, I thought, while she was finally making the picture. Thinking about how the photo turned out, I had a certain image in mind: a strained but cute smile and squinty eyes.
Turns out her phone had an HD camera (what the ?? how can this even ?? SCIENCE! O.O). A cruel, nasty camera that makes the most unfortunate photos ever.
So this is what she'll see when I phone her. Ouch to the max! (*haha*)...
But at least she'll be the only one to ever see this picture (at least that's what I hope) - meaning: She will be the only one to ever have THIS in mind when my name pops up.
But my whole "Translation" course will think of me as a "BOB"

Long story short, my lecturer forgot my name and had to think of something. And he went for BOB.
The last few weeks I always thought about how you can, of all things, think of me as a BOB!
Every name creates a certain picture in your mind. And when I think of a Bob, I think of a dumpy, dull, slightly-hairy-but-not-hairy-enough-to-call-him-"hairy", middle-aged trucker.
Like this:
So there goes my ego. Again. See you later, ego-gator...
And just to make this clear: If you see me somewhere and call me "Bob", I'm going to hurt you. Very, very badly.
~music time~
Willy Moon - Yeah Yeah

The Zolas - Knot In My Heart

Bat For Lashes

Brick&Mortar - Bangs

Last Lynx - Killing Switch

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed making it! :)


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