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Confessions / Guilty Pleasures: Hip-Hop

Remember the poll I did a few weeks ago? The one I mentioned in the last posts, too? Yeah, that one. One of the things you could choose was "Guilty Pleasures - Hip-Hop", because I noticed that - despite my general aversion to hip-hop and rap music - there ARE some songs in my itunes that could be considered as hip-hop-ish. And then I thought about 'guilty pleasures' in general and things that I do on a regular basis, but which should be avoided in order to life a healthy life / be normal.
These are some of those things (that I can recall right now) :

Try it! put a jar of Nutella in the freezer. If it's full, let it freeze for an hour. If it's half-full, let it freeze for ~40minutes. and then use a long spoon to pick out huge, cold blocks of the yummy Nutella. Your waistline may hate you for it, but your tongue will experience the ultimate 'foodgasm'! ;)

I found her, the beautiful, humorous, amazing Grace Helbig, while looking through my recommendations on YouTube. I guess she popped up because I watched several Jenna Marbles videos and other YouTubers who typically live in LA.
I instantly fell in love with her wit, her unbelievably bad puns and her awkwardness.
Also, I've been searching for some random-ass game to play in the background while I was doing my homework or when I was watching videos or movies. So I remembered how I used to play a free-trial version of this Yu-Gi-Oh! game from 1996 and I downloaded and installed it. It's f*cking addicting! And somehow, both complement each other by not using too much of my brain at the same time. A match made in heaven!
This is what my desktop looks like between 11:30 p.m. and 1:30 a.m.:
(I lost the game after taking the screenshot...)
I started watching Glee because of my sister and maybe my ex, too. Both of them were talking about how great this show was and then I watched the first episode... And I was hooked. 
Up to this day, I try to start every episode thinking "Nah, how predictable! They ruined the song! Can this get any worse??" ... This lasts, like, 30 seconds. I still love this show as much as I used to at the beginning, no matter how bad some of the episodes were. Gleeks UNITE!!

All you hear is some mumbling, but you're expected to give some kind of reaction. And because "What did you just say?" might implicate that you did not listen to this person, you just giggle... Or do a little "mh-hmmm" while raising your voice. The weird part is that IT WORKS EVERY TIME! It somehow became part of my regular way of communicating with others, because it just happens so. damn. often..
how do you make a gif
Another thing that I noticed is that I kind of like some hip-hop songs - not the rapping, basically just the background music. You may know this situation: A song starts and you think "Yeah, that's my jaaaaaam!" - and then a weird, manly voice kicks in with rapid, sexist lyrics and you're like "aaawwww maaaaaan! The beginning was so good! :/ "

Well, I found some songs that I like despite the rapping. Or maybe because of it.... I don't know. Just listen to it and you'll know what I mean. (Attention: some of them might represent hip-hop only in the broadest sense. But they're still hip-hop ;] )


~music time~

OutKast - Ms. Jackson (Jean Tonique Remix)

Wiley - Numbers In Action (Watch the amazing video HERE)

Just Jack - Writer's Block

Dizzee Rascal - Bonkers

Kid Cudi - 50 Ways To Make A Record
Azealia Banks - Liquorice

That's it for now... Maybe you share one of my 'guilty pleasures', who knows? ;)
Have a great weekend, guys!

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  1. I know how you feel, brother!
    I share 2 of your traits. That Glee-Thingie and the "Didn't understand!"-Thing!

    Well, I didn't watched Glee until February this year. Some of my most dearest friends told me "Go watch it! You'll love it!". So, I watched the first 3 episodes and thought "What a crazy, stupid series..."... And then, I've caught myself how I've hum some of the songs featured.. And now, I'm the greatest Gleek around here! (Und das habt ihr verpasst bei... GLEE!) D:

    Everytime I'm speaking with someoen, I'm sometimes losing the train of thought and then, I'll stupidly ask "What was it?" - "Huh? Shenanigans?" - "Could you repeat that please?" and anything like that. I know that my ears aren't that bad, but I do know that it's going to piss off anyone who's knowing me!
    So you're not alone. ;P

    Your music taste's GREAT. Even though they're hip-hop, R'n'B or anything like that, they sure DO have a special taste to them. ESPECIALLY if you're hearing some Remixes. That's just great. Like the Mrs.Jackson from OutKast. :)