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Wave #4: Best Music Videos (imo)

As some of you* might know (*those 7 or 8 people that actually read my blog posts now and then), I had a poll on which topic my next post/s should be about. One of these topics was "Best Music Videos" and, in retrospect, there were more votes than I expected. Almost as many as for "personal blog post" (I still don't get why you chose this but hey... You want it, you get it!)
There have been some amazing music videos over the last few years and I want to show you my personal favorites. Of course, these videos also represent what I like to listen to, so feel free to see this list as every other song list at the end of my posts. I will add a very brief explanation about why this or that video is in the list and why it is so special to me.
Just so you know: This is my personal taste and my sense of esthetics. This list will not include videos like "Thriller", "Wicked Game" or Daft Punk videos - not because they aren't awesome enough but because it would be kind of stale to name them again. Right? :)

[no particular order]

1. The Hundred In The Hands - Pigeons
This girl knows how to act! Never seen such a convincing interpretation of a drunk party chick. Plus: How awesome is firework vomit?! - But seriously, this video creates many great images which make it (and the band, too) so unique.

2. Bloc Party - The Prayer
Again, a video that amazed me with its visuals back then when I first saw it. The effect of burning through layers of space and memory and the distorting effects are what I like the most about this video. Plus the song gets so extremely easily stuck in your head!

3.  Trentemøller - Moan (Trentemøller Vocal Mix ft. Ane Trolle)
A singing dog. In space. AAAAND Trentemøller. Duh!

4. Björk - All Is Full Of Love
Maybe the most calming song ever. Whenever I was mad at my ex for being a dickhead, I just needed to listen to this song for 2 or 3 times and my world was perfect and fluffy and bright again... Also think about when this video was taken/produced!: 1999!! I think it looks like a current production as far as graphics are concerned. A true masterpiece!

5. UNKLE - Rabbit In Your Headlights
As a kiddo, I once read through teletext profiles of MTV VJs that hosted MTV (when the "M" still stood for MUSIC and not for MASS) and I found out that several of these VJs listed their favorite video. And they all chose this one. Many years later I remembered doing this and found the video they were talking about. Just watch it. Phe-no-me-nalllll!! (I also was inspired by UNKLE's Burn My Shadow video when I wrote a post about the "Kübler-Ross-moments" of my life back then...ooooh Unkle...)

6. Philip Selway - By Some Miracle
I just love videos with a clear idea which is realised with simple but powerful images. This is a perfect example. And of course, slow motions! :)


Keaton Henson - Sweetheart, What Have You Done To Us
It may not be one of the best videos ever, but I just recently found it - or, more precisely, him - and it just moved me. Not to tears but to something-like-"internal-tears"-or-so. Because of this effect, I had to add it to the list.

That's it. If you know a video that NEEDS to be added to the list, feel free to leave it in the comment section below! :)

And I'm sorry that I don't have any pictures for this post. But what could I draw about music videos?? o.O So here is a little pic where I ride a magical, handicapped unicorn while making a purry cat face and doing the arm wave dance move. I hope this makes up for it. :)


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