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Before I upload a list of my favorite music videos, I wanted to make a quick post with very short songs (songs that are no more than 2:30 minutes long). And also a little update on my current situation - because I'm kind of doing fine :) Yeah, weird, right? Last week's (and month's) posts were more or less marked by melancholy and maybe the bitter taste of loneliness, but I got a grip on myself and dealt with the difficulties that came up with the new semester. This weekend, I had a moment of doing-nothing-and-feeling-good-about-it where, normally, I would feel like I'm not seizing the opportunity of using my time... I had my homework done, my room was clean, I got some monaaaay, everything was at its place and organized. So I just leaned back with a glass of red wine, listened to some French song that played on my iTunes (shuffle, ooooh shuffle... :-*) and enjoyed the moment.
Because I'm classy like that.
Well, maybe I'm not that classy after all, but I sure like to pretend! ;)
So let's come to a little list of songs that are of special interest for me because of their length.. I don't know why but the fact that they are so short is what makes them different from songs with a normal length (like 3:40 or so). And the monotony it gets when you repeat the song over and over again has something soothing and meditative, I think, which gives the song a whole new quality and a way of listening to it.

Camille - Vous

Oscar and Martin - Recognise

The Raconteurs - Level

The Hives - Abra Cadaver

Justin Timberlake - Cry Me A River (Kaytradamus Remix)

That's it for now... Hope, these song choices are not too out of the box for some of you :)
Next time, there'll be more bad-ass electro/indie songs, for sure!


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    1. nnnnope (chuck testa)... it's just part of the image of being a "mustached, classy gentleman" ;)