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Blog Posts: A Maximiwaxy How-To!

Even though my blog is still an itsy-bitsy stain on the canvas of internetainment, I get some response from friends and readers of the blog. And there is one question that many people ask me when they have a first look at the illustrations - How do you make them? Do you draw them all by yourself?

Since nothing special or illustration-worthy happened to me in the last couple'o'weeks, I just thought Why not make a blog post about how I make my posts? Maybe some of you are interested in creating your own blog and need some inspiration or an idea of what you COULD do. So here are 5 steps that I follow when making a blog post!

Step #1: The idea
As I said, when I make a post, I want to tell you guys something that is worth mentioning or just fun to illustrate. It could be a dream (one of my favorite blog posts to date!), a special scenario that you were part of, a certain thought or - as in this case - the purpose of showing something.

Step #2: The text
I simultaneously work on the drawings and on the text, which is why my English has been a bit all over the place in the past. I can do better, I swear! ^^
Try to use language that many people understand. I did not say "everybody", because, well, where would be the challenge for the English-noobs, then? :D You won't have any problems if you use German words and write for a German audience, of course...

Step #3: The first sketch
You got your idea. Great! Now It's time to illustrate it. Let's start with a basic posture and a happy face...
Then,  intensify the lines to make them more visible - I do that, because I copy it on another sheet of paper, later...
And then...
Step #4: Shading and Text
After having the final sketch, I use an almost-dry, grey marker to make some shadows here and there to make it more realistic. In the end, I add a few words with a program called Gimp aaaand with only a few small adjustments you got your picture! :
There you have it! A nice, maximiwaxy and totally realistic illustration! The only thing that's missing is the music...

Step #5: Music
I usually find new tracks on sites like Indieshuffle, YesYesY'all, Hypem, OhMyRock, via friends, and - recently - even by listening to the radio. But since there is soooo much music out there, I try to limit it to 5-7 songs for each post...
Like these ones :

~music time~

Blackbird Blackbird - All

Moderat - Bad Kingdom

Feist x Timber Timbre - Homage
lovely collab. the overlapping vocals and the calmness really make you feel something...

Canopy Climbers - Souvenir

Whitley - My Heart Is Not A Machine
damn, I'm a sucker for song with several voices / polyphony! great lyrics, too...

Tourism - Float Away

So this is how I make my blog posts. Looks quite easy, huh? Well, even this little post took me around 4 hours. But let this be an inspiration to you! Get creative! Show your taste in music/clothes/lifestyle/humor, your thoughts and ideas!


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