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Best Of "Maximiwax"!

A "Best of" of Maximiwax ...  Hm.
Normally, only the big stuff gets a Best Of. This blog is merely a drop of water in the big ocean that is the Internet. Only ~6.300 people viewed this page, only 24 comments were made on the posts and the number of Facebook-likes is stuck on being somewhere between 130 and 150. The feedback I get comes mainly from friends and the transfer to tumblr. (which you can find by clicking here) wasn't as successful, yet, as I had hoped.

But why am I still writing this post?
Because of boredom, that's why! Aaaaand because I wanna show you how this blog changed over the past 1.5 years...

It all began (don't worry, I'll keep it short) with my youtube Channel called "maximiwax". I wanted to have 'my music' everywhere I go, no matter if I had my mp3-player with me or not. That's why I founded "maximiwax" in the first place. I found cool new tracks ranging from Indie-Acoustic-Folk to extreme Dubstep-remixes and picked some for my Channel. I started to upload videos with tracks that weren't on Youtube before and that, children, was my downfall. Damn you, copyright, for killing my Channel!

sidenote: I found an old playlist with videos from my Channel that James West made. How cool is that??!? :D Some of them are missing because my uploads were deleted, but you can watch the rest here: MAXIMIWAX playlist

When Youtube blocked my Channel forever, I was thinking about ways to publicly collect my favorite tracks, until a friend of mine planted the thought of making a blog into my head. And thats what I did!
As you can see from my first posts, this blog was all about music. No stories, no comics. Just plain music and some information to back it up.

Tame Impala - Solitude Is Bliss

Later on, I noticed that I could use the blog to write down what was bothering me at that time. It soon became a waaaaay too cathartic and therapeutic method for me to get everything out. Some of the stuff I wrote sounds so emotional and cryptic that I start to understand why some people thought that I'm emo ._. But trust me, it was just the hair, that's all!!

Fortunately, I stopped with the whining and began to incorporate my creative side into the blog. Inspired by well-known bloggers and artists such as Books Of Adam and Hyperbole and a Half, I used illustrations to go with what I wrote. This step, changing from a pure music-related blog to an illustrated storytelling-music-thingy, is what created what you see in front of you + on your screen right now. Without the ability to draw every now and then, I would've stopped making blog posts, I guess. And if you look closely, you'll even see a difference in the quality of the drawings. I'm happy that I got better with time :)
see what I mean?

Deadmau5 ft Imogen Heap - Telemiscommunications

And now that I even got a tumblr. and a Facebook page, the holy trinity of maximiwaxy internetainment is complete. I'm happy with what I do, even though I know it doesn't reach as many people as I hoped it would. And I still got maaaaany things in store that need to be translated into blog posts and illustrations. Not to mention the huge amount of tracks that I'll be including, as well.
Get ready for artists and songs that touch your heart, make you wanna dance or fuck things up!
Be prepared for b/w drawings that may cross the boundaries of good taste!
I'll try my best to make you happy and provide you with a steady dose of (what I think is) good music. ;)

If you wanna find out what the heck I just talked about, check all the previous posts on Maximiwax.blogspot.de!


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