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Wind in the hurrrr...

I had to say 'Goodbye' to a very special friend of mine. A friend I loved for many years, a friend that was closer to me than everything else in this world... My hair.

I finally went to a hairdresser after years of cutting my own hair. I was traumatized in 7th grade when I went to a peculiar, female version of Edward Scissorhands that ruined my hair completely. I went from shoulder-length to something that classmates and friends called "a Hitler-mushroom-bob."
Now imagine how utterly cruel children react to a guy with this kind of hair when about 13 years old. Yeah, it was rough...
Which is why I started cutting my own hair in a way that I felt comfortable with - like an emo-curtain.
But I liked and needed it that way. Up to this day, I need to brush through my mane with my fingers at least once a day for several minutes. I even grab and pull it a bit as a kind of head massage. Also, I needed it that long to hide behind it, to hide my skin in the first place. And let's not forget about the incredible things you can do with long(er) hair and a bit of shampoo! 
Well, anyway... To overcome my trauma and to finally have something that I can call a "hairstyle", I asked my friends to give me a voucher for a haircut and after several months of anxiety, I made a date to dismiss the majority of my dark chocolate brown curls.
I sat there trembling and shaking like a leaf but eventually overcoming my fear and actually enjoying the relief - it was a LOT of hair, after all...

So this is it. I overcame my trauma of going to the hairdresser and now I kinda look different. Does this mean that I alter the way I draw my little mini-me version for this blog? AWW HELL NAW!
I guess I'll let it grow back longer, anyway. The good thing about short hair is that people see the earphones of your mp3-player and know that you can't hear them - something I definitely will benefit from because people talk to me all the time although I can't hear a thing. The bad thing is, though, that aaaaaaall of your face is in the focus now, especially the little things that you would want to hide.

So what am I listening to with the earplugs that are now finally visible to strangers? Let's have a look!


~music time~

Anthony Hamilton & Elayna Boynton - Freedom (Kool & Kabul Edit)
Niia - Libertine Hero
Clueso - Herz (Hundreds Remix)
Atlas Genius - If So
The Irrepressibles New World (iamamiwhoami remix)
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Sacrilege

I hope you enjoyed these tunes!
And fingers crossed that you won't get a hitler-bob next time you visit the hairdresser! ;)


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