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Valentine's Day

You hate Valentine's Day? You think it's nonsense to show an extra bit of love just because of what the calender says? You try to ignore the annoying couples and their presents, which are the only reason why this day exists in the first place - namely handing your money to a corrupt business in exchange for a teddy bear that's not even remotely valuable enough to deserve a better name than "Teddy"? Then you're my kinda guy! :D Or girl...

Maybe it's because of some emotional ups and downs in the past few weeks or the lack of mental and physical intimacy, but I never hated these itsy bitsy lovebirds as much as I do now! (sidenote: The one's that keep their down-there-stuff for themselves are acceptable) ... Could be jealousy, yeah. But one could think that they deliberately want to rub their happiness into every single's face...

So what am I going to do on Valentine's Day? Drink some cheap wine, watch some cartoon series for children and laugh at/with/due to them hysterically. Oh, and I will do what I'm doing for the past few months - cuddling with an extra blanket or pillow as if it were a good friend of mine *wink*. Because I'm cool like that.
Now exchange "cool" with "pathetic" and you got the gist...

So here are some songs that range from "Oh, I'm so in love right now!" to "Argh, leave me alone!". Something for everyone, huh? :)


~music time~

alt-J - Breezeblocks
(after 2:20)

Soko - First Love Never Dies

The Hundred In The Hands - Lovesick (Once Again)

Woodkid - I Love You

Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You (Eat More Cake Remix)

Let's all celebrate the day AFTER Valentine's Day! :D

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