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Meet Becky!

To hell with my exams! I'm writing a blog post! HAHA! 

So a few weeks ago, something weird happened to me. It might not seem to you to be that big of a deal, but for me, it was intense! Let me describe the incident...

There was this lady... let's call her "Becky". Becky is what one would consider "white trash", meaning she is a hot (Caucasian) MESS! Becky's clothes looked as if she walked on a crime scene and just grabbed what the dead crack whore wore before her death. The only money she got via her unemployment benefit seemed to be spent for her manicured nails, which still looked cheap as f*ck. To top it off, her bangs sticked greasily to her forehead, while the rest of her hair poofed up at the back. A real beauty. 

So Becky and I waited at the station for the electric tram to come. When it arrived, Becky followed me to the back of the almost abandoned tram, but I didn't notice that until later. Inside the tram, she kept looking back in my direction and, of course, I thought that she had a good reason for that. Maybe someone she knew was sitting behind me. Maybe she can hear voices from the dead and heard the spirit of an ugly baby cry on the street. "Okay," I thought, "nothing to worry about." ... Two stations later, a woman, who seemed to be her friend, entered the tram and sat right next to her. Just as beautiful as Becky. Let's call her "Betsy". Then the whispering and tattling began. And again, OOOOF COURSE, I did not think that they were talking about me. After 2 or 3 minutes, both of them stood up, right between two stations (Why would they change their seats??) and sat right behind me. And then the giggling and chatting became so loud that it really annoyed me.
Happy that I could leave my seat and get away from these annoying women, I got up to press the stop button and waited for the tram to halt at the next station.
Just seconds after I got up, Becky leaped over the seats and sat down where I just had been. With a giggling voice, she said (translated into English): "Damn, that boy has a HOT ASS!" while making a face of pure joy and a bit of horniness.
She was grinding with her buttox on my seat to feel the warmth of it. She was stroking the fabric with her hands as if she was pleasing a "customer". And dumb Betsy was giggling, too. I have no idea, why, but she did. This means that they were talking about me all along and that they waited for me to get up in order to feel my warm seat. WHAT. THE. FUCK.

I had to wait for a bus at the station where I just got out of, while Becky and Betsy remained on my seat, creepily looking at me with grins on their faces... I tried to hide behind my hair, thinking "please drive away and leave me alone! Stop laughing at me, you disgusting, pre-adolescent tramp hyenas!!" but I guess the train operator wanted me to "enjoy" this moment...

So this is what happened to me. I just had to share it with you and illustrate the incident a bit just to process the awkwardness of the moment...
And what do we learn from this? What is the moral of the story?
Well, I don't know. Think of something yourselves, you lazy f*cks! :P

~music time~

Ultraista - Smalltalk (Whomi Remix)

Electric Wire Hustle - They Don't Want
kinda old, but I re-found it with my beloved shuffle-function on iTunes..

Classified - Inner Ninja (ft. David Myles)
Yes, it's rap music. But as you've seen in a previous post, I do like some alternative Hip-Hop now and then :)

Bonobo - Cirrus
I wanted to include this video because I'm amazed by 1) its sound and 2) its animation. It reminds me of cyriak's videos, just less creepy :)

Stuck In The Sound - Let's Go
Another song where I NEED TO show you the video. Very cool animation. Enjoy!

That's the end of the post. I hope you liked it ;)
Now I can finally learn for my exams.
Yay ._.''

Have a nice week!

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