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Things I hoped NOT to see in 2013!

We did it! We survived the apocalypse! T-shirt sales with prints like "I survived December 21st" certainly experienced a boom around the turn of the year! And while others made some New Year's resolutions, I counted a few things that I hoped not to see anymore. Ever. And yet these first few days of 2013 bombarded me with exactly those things. 
Oh, life... It was funny once. You can stop that sh*t now. :]

1) (#)YOLO
I noticed that there has been a movement in music concerning the lyrics. It's remarkable how many songs use phrases like "Live while we're young", "We're gonna die young" and literally "You only live once"... Not only that, the whole Internet, especially twitter, is infected. Writing YOLO behind some kind of action is so popular now that people even start to make parodies of the movement by just tiping it behind stupid sentences like "Tried to fart but shit my pants lol #YOLO"
What is this world we live in? Why are we surrounded by so much stupidity?!? Maybe the world SHOULD HAVE ended just so that nobody ever writes YOLO again...

2) The look of people that drink from a bottle with their lips around the whole opening
It's somewhere between sexual and disgusting. As if they wanted to swallow the whole bottle. And trust me - it's not possible *cough*
Unfortunately, It has come to my attention that I do that, too. All the time. So by this, I want to apologize to all of you if you get to see me like.. well...

When I first saw these fabric vulvas several years ago, I thought those people wearing them had normal scarfs and didn't know how to wear them properly. Later, I realized that this is a new "thing" in fashion. A thing I didn't get, still don't get and never will get.. Sure, some people look very "I was in a hurry, so I just threw this around my neck and now I look casually chick"-ish, but since it became so freakin' popular, I just get annoyed by them. They are everywhere. On women's necks, on men's necks, even on children's necks! They are taking over the world! Watch out or these neck-eating thingies will destroy humanity!

But despite these things (and many others which are disturbing on a whole 'nother level!), 2013 has been quite a delight so far. Let's see how it continues on! :)

~music time~

Tom Odell - Another Love
Didn't find an mp3 version of this nor a common video sharing site where it was uploaded. So Clipfish must do....
Capital Cities - Nothing Compares 2 U (Cover)

St. Lucia - Before The Dive

Laura Mvula - Green Garden
(please ignore the playlist box underneath - I have no idea how to get rid of it^^'')

Jamie Woon - TMRW
Found it via a facebook post on a friend's wall. That's what friends are for, right? ^^

Carson Henley - Fire
Definitely my favorite song of 2012. Love the funky rock sound!

That's it for now, guys. Let's make the best of 2013!!!

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