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Craycray like RayRay

I recently finished the game "Fahrenheit - Indigo Prophecy" and there was one little thing that particularly caught my eye...
While playing the game, you need to do quick-time events and decide what you wanna do. Each decicion and each action has influence on something called "mental health", which is illustrated by a bar at the right bottom corner of the screen. It looks something like this:
The evil, malicious side of me treated the main characters like sh*t just to see how that little - let's call him RayRay - gets on his knees and loses his mind. I don't know why but no matter which game I play, I end up ill-treating and sometimes killing the main character and/or civilians. Just for the funzies... But at some point, I looked at poor RayRay and I thought to myself, "Damn, dude, you are a sad, little man trapped inside a small, blue box and you can't do anything about it. I feel your pain, Ray, I feel it..."
And just as Ray is influenced by decisions and incidents, I, too, am very sensitive about what happens to me. Some actions increase my mental health just as they do with Ray's, and some may get me blue or bat-shit crayray.
Although I seem very confident and cheerful on the outside, some things really get to me. In the case of the main character of Fahrenheit, Lucas, taking a piss increases your mental health by +5, while getting caught by the police costs you -30. My scale looks a bit different...

1) Everything's fine.
Christmas stress.. train delay.. it's f*cking cold..
2) Some worries.
 unsuccessful date.. more Christmas stress.. family issues.. skin problems..realizing that I've wasted another year..
3) Argh, OMG.
sleeping problems.. awkward ex.. too much candy ("God, I got FAT!").. thinking about death, world hunger and the distorted perception of beauty of our generation..

Right now I'm somewhere inbetween 2) and 3). Maybe more 3) but tending towards 2). Let's see how it changes in 2013!


~music time~

Port Isla - Sinking Ship

YACHT - Second Summer
(Coolest/Cutest/Weirdest. Video. Ever. -> click here!)

Mando Diao - Good Morning Herr Horst (RAC MIX)

The Static Jacks - Into The Sun (RAC Maury MIX)

Kate Boy - In Your Eyes
(Trust me, this song gets better and more and more intense by the second! Just listen to it for a few times and you'll know what I mean!)

That's it for this year, I guess. Enjoy the holidays and have a happy new year! :)

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