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Kiss Me, I'm ... Desperate.

"Kiss me, I'm Irish!" - a reference to the Blarney Stone, referring to the "Irish luck", often used at Valentine's day to talk someone into a little smooch. But when you look into Ireland's history, they didn't have that much luck if you think about it... Anyway, I'm in a mood right now that I normally malign when others show indications of having it. Not only being somehow flirty and in need of some hugs, but also seeking closeness and interpreting every positive sentence towards someone - without regarding its actual purpose - as a loving note. I'm the one that awkwardly "AAAAAH"s everytime a couple kisses in public or in a movie.
Considering my current outward appearance, I'm far away from being "Prince Charming." But I always bet on my personality and hope that it outshines my pear-y body.
Providing that someone actually cares about who I am as a person and not what I look like aaaaand that there is a certain connection, there might be the chance of physical contact... the innocent kind.
And I guess what I miss the most are these very subtle things that may not even be of interest for most of you. But, for instance, when my hand lies next to the hand of someone I like and he/we decide/s  to, like, make them interact and touch... and when they clasp... I don't know why but - with the right person - this little gesture is enough to make me smile like a Cheshire cat and my big, big heart burst with joy! 

Insert: Just thought of sharing this song right now. drawing the hands made me think of it :) Don't forget to check out the amazing video!!
Alpine - Hands

Call me batshit crazy, but these little things mean much more to me than words or a kiss. Maybe this annoying feeling of needing someone goes away by just clasping my hand with another hand or just a nice, loving hug by a potential partner.
To sum things up: I think I need love.


King Rule - Rock Bottom

Benjamin Francis Leftwich- When You Were Young (cover)

Antony and The Johnsons - Cut The World

Enough of this whiney crap for now. :)
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  1. In addition to hands-interlocking-and-stuff I thoroughly enjoy one of the suggestion youtube is offering the viewers of that guinea pig-feast of Alpine: http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=ukNOaKeUEQY