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Summer Heat and Tammyszu

Once upon a time, there was something called "winter." Almost everybody was enjoying the weather, catching snowflakes with their tongue, making snow angels and generally having a good time. And then, suddenly, Germany became the Sahara, making it feel like every part of the street is actually a hidden heating device of some sort and as if a very stupid person accidentally sprayed hot sauce all over the country...
I'm literally melting right now. Not even a cold shower can fix this, because just the act of drying my body with a towel makes me break out with sweat again. I would cry about this situation, but I guess my eyes could only bring out salty dust.

So you've found a position where your body eventually allows you to sleep, your eyelids become heavier and heavier and then DONG! - one of those big-a** bugs keeps flying against the ceiling and/or the lamp. Even worse: it might fly around your head, buzzing aroung, making you angry, aggressive and ready to kill!

You think I'm overreacting? Hell no! These freaking bugs must suffer. I don't even care whether they make a sound at all or not. They need to be pulverized!!!
Edit: I just realised that I did not finish this post early enough, which is why talking about heat became unnecessary. Tonight, it's even kind of cold... which does not seem to bug the bugs. There are still several buzzing things in my room that my eyes cannot locate. Dammit....

But on this note, let's talk about calm nights. You either have them outside when it's warm or inside when it's cold and you do sth to get warm. Either way, if you do everything right, you should feel almost utopistic. You've got nothing to do BUUUUT you also got nothing to do! :D meaning: you're free. No plans, no stress, no events, no work. You can just lie there and enjoy the moment. ... Or you could procrastinate, which I do right now. Give me a glass of nutella, access to the Internet and something cozy to doze off on and I'm in heaven!!
Well, back to the enjoying-the-moment-topic. Three or four years ago, I found a youtube channel called "tammyszu." I guess I was searching for a certain song to download it with the youtube download converter or so... and after 3 or 4 songs, I realised that all of the songs were uploaded by a certain "tammyszu," who apparently is a girl... a girl with great taste in music! Her videos vary from dubstep-electronica to chill-out and indie and always make use of an artistic picture or a model shoot, which is very typical for tammyszu.
She was the reason I started a youtube channel back then. Just to subscribe to her to get every update :D What happened to this channel - which, btw, was similar to hers - is another story...
Tammyszu's music collection is perfect for enjoying these special moments to the fullest! Here are some of my favorites from her channel:

Listen or download Diet Mtn Dew (Oxford Remix for free on Prostopleer
Stateless - Bloodstream (Royce Wood Junior Slipmix)

Cherry Ghost - Finally (Time and Space Machine Re-Edit)

Chrome Sparks - I'll Be Wait For Sadness Comes Along

Miami Horror - Moon Theory (Punks Jump Up Remix)

Aaaaaaah... just listening to these tracks gives me this everything-is-perfect-feeling again. :)
All of these videos represent a very important part of my taste in music. Sure, it changed since I found the channel some years ago, but I still enjoy these tracks as much as I did back then. If you like Tammyszu's stuff as much as I do, check out her Youtube channel !!!

That's all for today's post. Enjoy the rest of the summer!! ;)

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