Tiny Hand



So I went shopping the other day (insert: I hate shopping) and I found a hat I really liked. Whilst trying to put it on, I noticed that my gigantic, hollow head couldn't fit this damn hat. So I went up to the saleslady, hoping that they have this particular hat in another size. One that would fit my head.
Little did I know, this was a touchy lady. I was about to experience the one thing that I hate the most (apart from whiny children and liquorice) ... someone touching my face.
I couldn't tell where her face ended and her neck began. She tried to be uber-friendly but the absence of productive distance, as I call it, freaked me the hell out. In that moment, where her fingers slightly touched my cheek, I couldn't think of something else besides cutting them off. Or biting them. But that would need even MORE physical contact. Ugh.
I don't know what it is about someone touching my face that annoys me so much. Overall, I don't hate to be touched in general. There are certain areas that might even need a little bit of physical contact now and then -- still speaking about my head ... the one my shoulders --
You can imagine it like this:
....Overall, I'm a very face-oriented person. If there is something like a face-fetish, count me in! There are certain shapes, colors, hollow surfaces and bulges that interest me - the more striking and prominent, the better. I'm not a guy that stares at butts or chests or stuff like that. I just stare at people's faces.
So why am I writing/thinking about this now?
Maybe because of the fact that my skin is letting me down again.. so much that I just want to rip it off, steal somebody's face and staple it onto my scalp... So, yeah... Looking into the mirror every hour, desperately hoping that something might have magically changed in the meantime, might have been the reason for me to think about faces in general. PLUS this weird incident with the touchy saleslady...


After several minutes of searching through my music files, I did not find anything that could fit to this topic. The only thing I found was a track that had "Faces" in the title. Fair enough :)

The M Machine - Faces

"The Beautiful People" by Marylin Manson also came to my mind, but I don't think it fits to the rest of the tracks listed by this blog ;)

Let's just continue with "normal" favorites from the past few weeks, shall we?

San Cisco - Awkward (suggested by "simon")

GRiZ - Fall In Love Too Fast

Pupkulies & Rebecca - Paper (suKo Edit)

Kyle Andrews - Sushi

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. just the right blog post to stumple upon on a m³ (manic monday morning). eyes that won't open, black tea that not just hot enough. but then your great post with the comic ... and wheeey, there goes my first dark smile of the week. thanx :)

    best rgds
    "das a&o"