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The Upcoming Fall (/Autumn) Depression

A few days ago, somebody on the radio mentioned that this time of the year, namely fall (or autumn, depending on where you're from), is the season of LOVE.
Well, I don't feel this LOVE at the moment. In fact, all I feel is a tad of loneliness and a nice dose of rejection. Enough to keep me busy until the winter time... As you can see, my phase of depression comes a little early, since normally the real depression begins with the falling of the first snowflakes.
So what exactly led to this onset of feeling blue?
Simple sentences. Sentences that are so typical, it hurts. And they hurt. 
Being a very picky person when it comes to fully opening up and getting emotionally dependent on someone, I might use some harsh sentences now and then, too. One simply HAS to. But at a time when you are effusively vulnerable (for whatever reason), certain sentences hit you with such a force that for days you'll be thinking about them, digesting them until they don't hurt anymore. They may occur one at a time, giving you the chance to recover a bit. But they can also come all at once - the more sentences there are to hurt you, the more you're basically f*cked...
(maybe right-click it to see it clearly)

That is all there is to say, right now. I'm feeling blue and I'm missing inspiration for new posts.
This is why I chose to let you have a voice and help me with my next post. See the question/survey at the top right?  Choose one or more answers and let me know what would interest you. I'd really appreciate that :)


~ music time ~

This time, I want to show you a list of tracks that will definitely stay inside my "favorites" playlist for a long time. Especially the last one. SO. GOOD. !! Enjoy!

Sohn - The Wheel

David Byrne & St. Vincent - Who
(btw: definitely my album of the month: David Byrne & St. Vincent : 'Love This Giant' !!!)

Unknown Mortal Orchestra - Swim & Sleep (Like a Shark)

MS MR - Dark Doo Wop

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Have a nice week!

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