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What I ACTUALLY wanted to do...

--- A post on weird new trends which I do not understand ---

...sth with pictures like these that show stuff I see at my university and in the city thinking "what the fuuuu..."

1)Guys with undercuts... like, really? It's cool now, yeah, but just a modified ->version of the 90's that everybody hates now with joy!

2)Weird bags with hand-drawn things on them... We get it, either you are creative or you've got a creative friend or not even that - you've actually spent money on a blank piece of fabric (that can barely hold stuff) with super meaningful/funny/cute things on it. SO cool!

3)Every, and I mean EVERY picture of you makes use of the instagram filter? You've spent 2 hours to make your hair look like you just got out of bed? You stand there like in a weird dream-like shroom dance / about to collapse / looking down, which is supposed to be cute or whatnot / having a posture like a withered leaf? Congratz, you've accomplished the "douchy hipster"-look! :]

... but maybe someone would find this offensive ...

--- A post about my personal life ---

...sth about my non-existing love-life or a word that describes everything in short: FRIEND-ZONE.
About people that are interested in me (for some strange reason) but where the personalities just don't click; about someone, who says he wants more without realizing what he did in the past; about others that I dream of, that I think about daily and who inspire and amaze me - but who do not seem to have this kind of affection towards me.
Or about my life at university, the imaginary pressure of seminars and exams, the interestingly weird conversations I have with people at the cafeteria, about friends who can relate to the pseudo-stress and the ones, who really work their butts off.

... but, naaaah. Who wants to read that? (=serious question! send me a message via facebook about what you wanna see on this blog or things that could improve - the link is at the end of this post!)

--- A post about music ---

...okay. This one is manageable. So let's do this!
My weird monster-"sansa"-creation seems to work. It really does. It does play music and so I don't need to buy a new mp3player with money that I don't have (or want to spend on other things like food, booze and t-shirts). These are some of the latest additions to my "music library"...Enjoy!

Chikinki - Bitte Bitte

Another track a good friend showed me. Since I'm from Germany, I enjoy the little story that is described and the use of the word "Bitte" :] gives it a nice touch..

Maximo Park - Write This Down

I know: SHOCKER! ... I heard this one on the radio (the radioooo!! :O) and instantly liked it. So when I heard it for the 3rd or 4th time, I thought "Argh, f*ck it, mainstream or not, I have to have it!!" -- And so I downloaded the whole Maximo Park album. Which turned out to be really good! Definitely a very catchy song and I really like the change of tempo and rhythm in it.

Destiny's Child - Say My Name (Cyril Hahn Remix)

Did you read the interpret's name and went "Wait, WHAT?" ? :D Well, I did, when it popped up as one of the most favorited songs on hypem. But maybe you enjoy it as much as I do. The mix of the distorted vocals and the Carribean sound in the background really works for me.

Pablo Nouvelle - Is It Ok (feat. Fiona Daniel)

Except for the last few lines, this song kind of implies what I wanted to say to a certain person for the last few months. ... ... Apart from that, it impresses by its really strong message and of course Daniel's beautiful voice!

So... in the end, I did one of the things I wanted to do. More or less 1/3. I'm satisfied :)
Enjoy the rest of the week, guys!

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