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Life gets boring and tiring sometimes. Faces you've seen a thousand times, stories you've already heard... old people.. annoying, little brats.. "yeah, he is, like, totally into me, like, TOTALLAAAY!"-chicks.. So many things you don't want to see or hear. Good thing you've got an mp3-player :D
Well, as long as it's working -.-''

The love of my life, my little sansa-mp3-player, which I adore because of its clip function, is dead.
Or maybe not dead, but definitely on its way to "music heaven". And I think, I killed it :c
A few months ago, there was this teeeeny-tiny crack, but "sansa" still worked perfectly fine. The crack got bigger, but still, "sansa" did its job. And now it can only play music when I push my finger on the crack itself with all the strength my fat-and-warmheartedness-controlled body can offer.
Which can become a real pain in the a**.
But I'm the one to blame. I didn't look after my little "sansa" as I should've done. And to make things worse, I tried to fix the problem. With glue. Because I fix ALL my problems with glue. If "sansa" had a hand, it would give me the finger :(

(^ see what I did there? It's like a crack.. and stuff...no? o.o)
UPDATE: 2 Days later. Things didn't work out as I thought they would. I need my regular dose of music. And with a player that only works if I press very hard on the display, I get frustrated quite easily. So this is what I did: I disassembled a clothespin to get a spring-thingy and attached it to the mp3-player... Plus some foam to avoid scratches (as if the huge crack right in the middle would be for decoration ._.). Say welcome to "monster-sensa" :x

If you think about it, "sensa" could be seen as a pirate now. 'Arrrrrrr'... ^^''
Hoping that this construction turns out to be sufficient, I'll try to be as careful with my little baby from now on as possible. As long as I don't have the money to get a new one. But hey, it still plays music :D
So let me show you what I added to my playlist since the crack-accident:

The Whitest Boy Alive - Island
Idk why, but the beat at the beginning reminds me of Paul Kalkbrenner somehow...

Santigold - Disparate Youth [Amateur Best Remix]
...gives a nice dreamy beat to the vocals. Maybe a track hat you need to listen to for a few times in order to really get into it ;)

Emma Louise - Jungle
After hearing her song "Boy", I instantly knew that she was one to look out for. I reeeeally like her voice.

Bobby Womack feat. Lana Del Rey - Dayglo Reflection

It's been a long time since I heard sth new from Ms. Rey... But this collab was worth the wait :)

Soko - We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow
..Even better with the video. Just sit back and enjoy pure love :3

Unkle feat. The Black Angels - With You In My Head
Where Did The Night Fall: Another Night Out became one of my favorite albums during the last few weeks. Damn, I love me some "alterlectro" Unkle :]

That's it for today... I wish you all the best and someone to enjoy the summer with ;)

(CLICK MEEEE! I dare you! >.<)

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