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The "Kübler-Ross moments" of my life...

... always appear before exams.

The time has come. Again. Students are tested on stuff they don't care about and what they will never ever really need in their life. Recently, I checked my university account and found out that I had an A+ in a seminar called "Aural-Oral". All jokes aside (>>haha, Max is good when it comes to oral stuff<<) - It was like a revelation. This NEVER happened to me before. I'm currently struggling to get something near the B area and all of a sudden I get something right! And I am rewarded with a grade that could lift my final grade in the end! *flabbergasted*

But normally, I'm not even close to being that lucky. Even worse, I'm in huge trouble when it comes to learning. Maybe because I often procrastinate in such extreme ways, that I totally forget about the exams all along. But when I realize that there is something that I should put some effort into ALTHOUGH there is not enough time, I get into a process of distraction and surrender. You could almost see it as the already stated "Kübler-Ross model".

-Denial: I can do this. I passed through other exams without learning, too. Don't stress yourself, Max. Everything will be fine.

-Anger: OHMYF*CKINGGOD, why is everone and everything getting on my nerves?!? I want to hurt someone. I want to punch a child - no, even better, I want to make an ugly baby cry tears of fear! This little spawn of Satan needs to shit its pants or I'll never get to rest!!!
-Bargaining: Oookay, I get it, I need to study. Well, dear God (or whatever you want to be called, you weird, big thing of hope above the clouds), if you let me pass this damn exam, I SWEAR I'll always learn before the upcoming exams. Like, yeah. So....Please, God-thingy, pleaaase!? :3

-Depression: Man, I'm so stupid. Nobody likes me, that's how stupid I am. They only consider me as a "friend" because they are compassionate and can't leave a stupid soul like mine alone in the dark with my stupidness... stupidity... studidosia... ARGH!

-Acceptance: Well, fine. Max.... think about the 5 G's you've recently learned from a drag queen ("Good God, Get a Grip, Guuurrrrl!" *fingersnap*) .. You can do this. Chaka!


So why am I listing these thoughts on my way of handling complicated situations of my life that have the potential to ruin my future? Well, tomorrow, I have something that you could call an aptitude/qualification test that I need for changing my minor field of study. So many things that are going through my head... So many things that depend on me passing this test...

... and so many new songs in my library that I want to show you. Let's use them as a way to calm me down, okay? :S
The more I think about all the songs that recently found their way on my mp3-player, the more I notice that there is actually only one artist/band I want to show you.
(aka "∆")
After downloading their Album "An Awesome Wave" I completely blinded out all the other tracks and just listened to Alt-J's songs.. They remind me of something that Hercules And Love Affair did a while ago, which already is a good thing. The songs are different enough to intrique you while keeping the "hearability" to make you listen to it over and over and over and over and [...] over again. I hope you (can) enjoy them as much as I do :]

Alt-J - Tessellate (click here for the video)

Alt-J - Tessellate (Black Box Remix)

Alt-J - Breezeblocks

Alt-J - Breezeblocks (Christoph Skirl Remix)

Okay... I think I should go to bed now, get some sleep and ROCK the test tomorrow.
Wish me luck!!


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  1. Awesome Artist! Thank you for enriching my life ;)