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¡Hola! ..Me llamo Max, ¿y tú?..

Since the "good-bye" I tried really hard
to come up with something that feels just like you.
Hope you don't mind, but since we're apart
The image I have strayed a little into
the direction of "Who?"...

Howdy, y'all.
Given that you opened a link to this blog, you're in the act of reading this sentence. And if you are reading this right now, you might as well have read all the other posts I made. Since I always use the name "maximiwax" to say goodbye at the end, you may not know my real name - until now
So let me introduce myself (again): I'm Max. Nice to "meet" you.
In a comment on my last post someone said that I must be a girl, because a guy wouldn't be so "deceitful". Well, in fact, I'm a guy. Maybe not the "I'd like to watch a football game while a naked, blond jigglychest brings some goddamn beer"-kinda guy, but still a male human being... Replace the football game with a nice movie, the beer with a piña colada and the bombshell with... idk... just a nice, handsome man? ... "A MAN?!" - Yeah, a man. There's nothing wrong with that, is there? 21st century ftw! :)

Sooo... now that we're done with that, let's think about names in general with attention to music....
When you give a song its name, you've thought about the meaning of the whole song and came up with (most often) 1-4 words that describe it briefly or pick up the core of what it's about. But when you give a song a REAL name like 'Dorothy' or 'James' (random examples), you actually dedicate this song to a special person. Or you've build a character in the story you're telling with your song and you pick a name that suits this character - so that you don't have a 'real' connection to the name itself but the traits which  - combined - stand for the idea of a certain person.

Not many songs have this dedication in their titles, but I've found a few "name-songs" I want to share with you...

alt- J (∆) - M∆tilda (Ghostpoet 'Gang Panang Adlit' Remix)
Let's begin with something truly "maximiwaxy" ... This chill-wave song may not overwhelm you with astounding lyrics, but the repetition of "Matilda" becomes somewhat hypnotizing

Bat For Lashes - Daniel
One of the songs I really disliked in the beginning, but which got stuck in my head. Please give it a try and maybe listen to it a few times! :) Or maybe you'll find a really good remix of it that changes your mind...

Lana Del Rey - Carmen
A good example for songs that aren't dedicated to a special person but rather tell the story of someone that doesn't exist in real life. But still, you can relate to the character / can imagine someone like Carmen...

Band of Horses - Georgia (Cee-lo Green Cover)

..Had to upload this one, because you can't find a stream version on the Internet atm -.-'' I find it kinda cool that Band of Horses covered one of Cee-Lo's best songs while Cee-Lo did the same with one of BOH's songs... check out Cee-Lo's version of "No One's Gonna Love you" HERE

Lykke Li - Jerome
I prefer the live version of this song so I linked the youtube video... Just take it in and enjoy..

BOY - Boris
A little story of a girl and a shady guy, told with subtle expressions.. I think that it - like Carmen - has a title with a random name, though I can imagine this girl being one of the band members...
You'll see more of these two ladies on this blog in the future because I'm obsessed with them... I really enjoy their lyrics, voices and the band in general... So happy, that a good friend of mine (someone I mentioned in my last post) showed me the music video for their song "Little Numbers" <- CHECK. IT. OUT!!!

So that's it, guys... Again, please think about using the download helper if you wanna download these songs.. or email me at maximiwax@hotmail.de and I'll send them to you ;)
Enjoy your weekend!
~maximiwax'* / ~Max'*

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