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Honey, Ink and Solitude...

Sweet, sweet honey. Tastes like summer, feels like syrup on your tongue. And I heard it's good for your skin.
I tried it on my skin, in combination with other household ingredients. Just as the instructions told me to. Now I look like a 13 year-old teenager with skin problems. Again. Together with my disturbed self-esteem it becomes so much of an issue for me that I feel uglier than ever. I know that I am not that hard to look at and that I can be happy about not having multiple, I don't know, wart-like formations all over my body or - God forbid - a bald head. :x
But it's always these little things, that annoy me so much that - as an effect - I don't want to leave the house unless I really have to and that let me compare myself with all the beautiful people that you can see eeeverywhere. They don't have trouble with their bodies or with their skin! They don't have as much issues as I do!
I admit that I know it isn't so. Everybody has to deal with other kinds of problems. But hey, there's a good thing about these miniature crises: you can help yourself with really melancholic music! :D
At least that's .. what.. I do.. ._.
"Honey is good for you!" MY ASS!

Little Dragon - Twice

Can you actually get ink poisoning? If so, I'm well on my way of getting it. Soooo many sheets of paper that I read in the last few days. So many technical terms that were thrown at my head like little stones on a fragile glass ball, getting it to burst at any moment. And can I remember them? NO! All this work for nothing. My paper for Language Acquisition on Categorical Perception is such a hard nut to crack that my brain might crack before the nutshell does! -.-'' Good thing I have an itunes-playlist named "learning" for special occasions like these. Calming songs, no lyrics, something that doesn't distract me but still provides a pleasant atmosphere. (So it's more or less Lo-Fi)

TEEBS - Yellow More New
Being single more or less means being alone. Or at least it means being alone for me. Others may have the ability to find comfort and satisfaction with short-dated relationships and the uncomplicated gratification of their lower instincts. But not me. I like that I do NOT have to share my bed right now, to be honest - but a warm body next to mine would be quite the thing that I might need right now. Even if "it" snored really badly.
Now, all the energy that's left after worrying about my skin and studying hard is not invested into a person - but into this blog. So I made up my mind about what other songs I want to include in this post and I guess the best thing to do is just listing up my current favorites :)

video: Gotye - Easy Way Out

Santigold - Disparate Youth
Electric Guest - This Head I Hold
Summer Camp - Losing My Mind (St. Etienne Remix) 

which is even better with the corresponding video ;)

Also, a good friend of mine made this awesome piece. Show him some love and like his facebook-page
Rekurt - They will never know 

..and again a remix.. but a REALLY good one imo!!
Adele vs. Daft Punk - Something About The Fire (Carlos Serrano Mix)

I hope you enjoyed this post! :) Please feel free to comment on my stuff and give some (constructive) criticism
Have a nice week!

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