Tiny Hand


Wave #1: Mashups

Sometimes, music has its own (math) rules:
[for example] >> 1+1=2+x (x>0)
... Adding one awesome song to another doesn't equal something that's as good as the values of both songs combined. It's more!

The songs don't necessarily need to harmonize perfectly. They don't need to have the same pitch. And - most importantly - they don't need be about the same thing. Style and content of what is said/sung can differ extremely and the outcome can still be amazing! Here are some examples:

Black Eyed Peas Vs Kylie Minogue - Can't Get You To Shut Up
MGMT Vs Snow Patrol - Chasing Kids

Massive Attack Vs Portishead - Teardrop on Roads
Amy Winehouse Vs The Killers - Mr. Rehabside
(download it here)  

Duffy Vs The Police - Mercy For Roxanne

Adele Vs Gnarls Barkley - Crazy In The Deep

(Queen + QotSA =) Queen Of the Stone Age - We Will Rock With The Flow

(download it here)

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