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Introducing Myself...

Once upon a time, there was a Youtube-channel called "maximiwax" - just like this blog. On this channel, many great videos of songs and musicians had been uploaded week after week after week. And when it suddenly seemed to be worth the work, Youtube blocked maximiwax' (MY!!) account.
Oh what a sad, sad day.

And now - almost a year later - I, maximiwax, am going to continue my work! This blog will be my valve, my art, my passion. If everything goes according to plan.

Ok.. This was just a quick introduction. Let's see how things work and whether I'm able to create something here or not. 'Cuz I'm a noob after all ;)

                                         (one of my favorite [fan-made] music-videos - that
                                          also happens to be my ringtone :P)

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