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Wave #8: Best Artists Of 2013!

2013 has been a great year (so far), hasn't it? The blockbusters were intriguing, the summer was hot, the news were full of crap as always and there may not have been so much love in the air as some had hoped, but there was something else going 'round. A muse, kissing several artists to set their full potential free.

There are numerous great musicians and bands that RULED 2013. First and foremost Lorde, who set many records with her debut single "Royals". And even though I luuurve her tracks, other artists will be named in this post as my favorites of the year.

The following artists published tracks that have been in my "favorites" playlist for several months. And that means something, since I re-organize it every week! So without further ado, here they are: The best artists of 2013 (imo) !!!

Flume & Chet Faker
This collab is a match made in heaven! The dj and the "modern soul" singer only published a hand full of tracks together at the end of this year, but still these songs amaze me so much that I had to include them in the list.

I once called RY X the 'new Bon Iver' and maybe you get what I mean by that. His songs don't need fancy beats and fast-paced rhythms. His echoey vocals float on a breeze of guitar and soft drum sounds and create a dreamlike state of peace and melancholy.

I wanted to include something a lil' more upbeat and yet cool and fresh to the list. Oh, and also a ladaaaay. So I chose BANKS, a young female artist who's still quite new to the music scene. I think her voice appeals to a lot of listeners and her lyrics are thoughtful and real. Plus, she looks bangin' !!!

Josef Salvat
This man... Ungh. Every song he brings out instantly becomes a new favorite of mine. I love his deep lyrics, the different vibes and influences he uses in his music and, of course, his voice. It must be his peculiar upper lip that creates these vocals! I also bet that Mr. Salvat is one of this world's best lovers. Just an assumption...

So this is my list of this year's best artists. Let me know in the comment section, if you have any other artists that needed a spot in this list or if you already know next year's big newcomers!

Have a great week, guys!


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