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Gimme Some Work, Bitch!

Did you get that Britney Spears reference? No? Too gay? I'm sorry... ._.

As you know, this blog is all about stories, topics, music aaaaand comics. I love doodling around and seeing how it turns out. Blergh's little brother, Bloom, is a lil' more on the creative side and he wants me to draw every now and then, or else he'll nibble and gnaw me up from the inside.

...Which is why I started taking orders for drawings from friends. And you could be my next client!

Let me show you what I did so far:

Person A wanted me to draw a hybrid of her and the actress Nora Tschirner for her blog (needyoutobeme). And after a few alterations, she seemed very happy with the outcome. Unfortunately, it looks as if she didn't have the time to incorporate the drawing into her blog, yet. Procrastination at its finest, I guess ;)
Person B suffered from the loss of her beloved pet. She showed me a picture with a very specific drawing style and wanted me to translate it to her situation (boy->girl, dog->rabbit, and so on) and that I would leave some space at the top for her to add some words. So this is how it turned out.

Person C is a good friend of mine and also a student in Jena. His neighbours kept waking him up in the morning by shutting the old front door right next to his bedroom as if the building was a tank with a heavy hatch. My task: drawing something comic-y to hang up on the door to stop them from making so much noise in the early hours.
It worked, I guess :)

Last but not least: A portrait of a friend of my sister *cough* umm, I mean, Person D. She showed me a few pictures of her friend so that I had a rough image of what the friend looks like and what kind of facial features she has. My focus went on her intriguing eye shape and her eyebrows. This kind of drawing is what I like best, because it challenges me due to alterations I need to do in order to make the picture look like the person potrayed.

So if you're thinking about a special present for a friend or a loved one and you still have no idea for a gift, why not write me an email with a wish / a link / a few pictures and get a handmade drawing!? :D

As you can see, the quality varies depending on what it is you want me to draw. But I can assure you that I do my best to keep my customers happy - if you know what I mean ;)
Just ask your dad!
Too far?
I should stop making stupid jokes -.-

... But do you know what I should NOT stop making? Lists of my current favorite tracks for you to listen to, that's right!

~music time~




  1. Ich will ein Bild von meinem Penis!

  2. ich will auch ein Bild von deinem Penis!