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Wave #6: Mashups (2.0)

I've already done a Wave about mashups shortly after this blog's birth, but there are still so many cool mashups that I don't wanna miss on this blog and that are worth sharing with you!

So let's get started!

Dj Y alias JY - Cro vs Bobby Hebb vs Gorillaz - Sunny, Happy (easy - Part 2)
Many of you might recognise the sound from Cro's "Easy", which is basically a sample from Bobby Hebb's "Sunny". Those two mixed together with a lil' Gorillaz action and you got yourself a smooth sound-smoothie :)

Monarchy vs Lana Del Rey - Video Games / Phoenix Alive
Monarchy covered Rey's "Video Games" while using the beat of their song "Phoenix Alive". Genius!

Phil RetroSpector - Lana Adele Rey
Why didn't I think of that?! Lana ADELE (!) Rey. so very punny and so very good! Fits perfectly!

Colatron - Hans Zimmer vs Chase & Status - Time and Time Again

DJ Earworm - Kanye West vs Radiohead - Reckoner Lockdown

DJ MHN - Die Antwoord vs Benny Benassi - Freeky Satisfaction
I know I'll get flak for this one... I always loved Benny Benassi's house track "Satisfaction" and I must admit that I'm fascinated by the aggressive randomness that is Die Antwoord. In the beginning, I hated that band but their unusual flow hypnotizes me. Very energetic and polarizing mashup!

DJ Y alias JY - Muse vs Massive Attack - Teardrop Madness

DJ Rudec - Franz Ferdinand vs Eddie Kendricks - Take Me Truckin'
Franz Ferdinand + swingin' Big Band fun = AWESOMENESS!

DOSVEC - Marina and the Diamonds vs Calvin Harris - Marina Harris
Last but definitely not least! I guess one of both songs is pitched to fit the other and at some points, they don't work perfectly together, BUT it's still a great mashup! Idk why, but I get happy when I hear this track (despite the lyrics, of course)! :D

I hope you enjoyed these tracks! There are more Waves to come, that's for sure! ;)


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