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Wave #3: Coverrrrr

I find movies about cloning people to be weird - most of the time.
When someone tries to look like a celebrity and buys cheap(er) clothes that are supposed to look like the original, the attempt of actually looking like that person quite often fails. The attempt of looking good fails, in general.
And when a painting by a famous artist is copied by some amateur-painter, the value of the replica is just a teeny-tiny bit of what the original is worth.
BUT covers... oooh covers... they are [prepare for one of the woolliest words ever:] SPECIAL! O.O

I once had a talk with one of my friends, who dislikes cover versions, because she thinks that the one doing the cover relies on what's already there, done by someone else, and just alters it a bit. She thinks that they have nothing SPECIALL and that they are uncreative. I, on the other hand, always react with amazement on this. Amazement about how you can NOT see what's SPECIALLL about certain versions. They can take a song, use it's lyrics and melody and change it into something completely different. What the artist is saying/singing and what he actually makes you feel with the way he interprets it can differ in such extreme ways between two or more songs..

First example:
James Blake - Limit To Your Love (Feist Cover)
The original has a different flow and feel to it. Blake's version is way more powerful in a calm way, if that makes sense. It conveys a sadness that makes you feel like he that close of giving up. The music video is a piece of art itself...

Adele - Black & Gold (Sam Sparro Cover)
Adele's soulful voice really fits the emotion of the song and fills the poetic words with life. Plus, the whole song changes the quite electronic sound of the original and replaces it with groooooove...
(sorry, but I couldn't find a playable mp3-version :/ ...)

Erik Hassle / Ellie Goulding - Be Mine (Robyn Cover)
One of Robyn's best songs and they both did it justice! The acapella cover version sounds authentic, real and pure :)

Lianne La Havas - Final Form (Everything Everything Cover)
I don't know what it is about this one that I love so much, but it has been part of my "current favorites" for over 1/2 year now. It's a bit slower than the original and sounds more like a garage gig. But there's something SPECIALLLL about it... maybe it's her voice? The lyrics? hmmm....
Birdy - 1901 (Phoenix Cover)
She's the one to watch out for. Only 15 years old and the whole world the UK + the viewers of Ellen Degeneres show + "facebook people" with a special interest in music (so basically the whole world ._.) love(s) her. Including me :)

Friendly Fires - I'm Good, I'm Gone (Lykke Li Cover)
...another cover that tones down the original's pep to create a new feeling. High-voiced dudes with expertise in funky tunes cover one of Lykke's best songs... And they do a pretty good job!

Niia - BTSTU (Jai Paul Cover)
...the moment i've been waiting for! HA! Since nobody seemed to like the original version (maybe it's too SPECIALLLLL for you :P) which I posted in my "April Favorites" post, I thought maybe this brilliant (!!!) cover version might change your mind. The lyrics are easier to understand and it's not as dreamy as Jai Paul's original, but the repetitive sound pattern really gets into your ears, crawls into your brain, and snuggles up in your head. Again, a perfect song to enjoy while lying on the grass while doing nothing but breathing and dreaming...

I deliberately left out covers like Walk Off The Earth's "Somebody That I Used To Know" or Yael Naim's "Toxic", because I thought that many of you might know them already. If not - check them out! ;)
So that's it for now, guys. Enjoy the spring/summer sun!

[insert catchphrase here o.o]

EDIT: Provided that you use Mozilla Firefox and want to download some of the songs you see on this blog, you should check out the download helper. Very easy to use and - most importantly- free! :D

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