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-- Synesthesia --

I got a new mobile phone recently and it's still a huuuuge struggle. I managed to understand and operate my old phone just fine -- within the 4 years that I had it. Now that I'm faced with TODAY'S technology, I'm all kinds of fucked up. 
What annoyed me the most was the fact that I couldn't transfer my old contacts to my new phone. I had to add every contact manually. Took me hours to collect all the numbers again and to type them in with a touch screen which is not really adjusted to my tiping at all... 

But over the course of time and by tiping in so many numbers, I noticed that I can remember certain series of numbers because of the image I have in mind when I think about them. Every number has different attributes that have nothing to do with math, but rather with their shape and how I see them. 

I knew that I had a lot of fantasy and a creative mind, but I never really thought about the characters of numbers, even though I have a clear vision about them. 

I talked to a lot of people about this phenomenon and noticed that everyone sees the numbers 1-9 in a different light. Some perceptions had common ground, though. 

This overlap of cognitive pathways and automatic, involuntary experiences of sensory input is called "synesthesia", or in this case, "grapheme-color synesthesia".
Big words, right?
Damn, you may even learn one thing or two with MAXIMIWAX! :D 

So let me show you how I see numbers: 

character: too cool for school, smug
gender*: male
color/look: white, lanky
character: beaming with joy, naive, innocent
gender*: female
color/look: yellow, bright, youthful
 character: motherly, down-to-earth
gender*: female
color/look: orange, plus-sized / voluptuous
character: bitchy, vain, fake, conceited
gender*: female/trans
color/look: hot pink, slim, lip gloss
character: leader, badass, "Red Power Ranger"
gender*: male
color/look: well, Red Power Ranger-y, duh!
character: evil, sensuous
gender*: male (but could also be a hardcore dominatrix)
color/look: sleek and a tad naughty
character: nerdy, harmless, intelligent
gender*: male (or maybe a girly nerd)
color/look: blue, braces, spineless
character: also intelligent, social, "Sailor Neptune"
gender*: female
color/look: purple, womanly, attractive
character: hipster, likes wood and alternative-rock for some reason
gender*: male (but had gay experiences before)
color/look: brown, nerd glasses, full beard

*gender: Let's not start with that shit. Here, it's either male or female (and in case #4, trans).

I'm not entirely sure why I made this post or what I want to accomplish with it. But I had the idea of synesthesia in my mind for the past few weeks and drawing these numbers was hella fun!
Maybe you have a different opinion about their characteristics OR you give me a big thumbs up and agree with me on how I imagine them in my head. Feel free to comment down below!! (even though we both know that nobody will ever read dat shit)...

So let's get back to a good ol' maximiwaxy section: MUSIC!!

~music time~

That's it for now, guys!
Don't forget to use the comment section! It's there for a reason ;)


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