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The "MMM"

I don't always have dates.
but when I do, they are an utter failure.

I overcame my fear of *urgh* getting to know people and met a guy in the city I'm studying in, and it turned out to be a disaster. Not only did the evening lack any kind of chemistry between us, but that dude also had the nerves to make me feel like an ugly, inferior dumbass.
If you're reading this: Go fuck a cactus :)

But the open-minded, joyous and wannabe-social person that I am, I tried to conversate with this lil' dipshit in a neutral, sustainable manner. And then I remembered a technique I've been using for the last couple'o'years to keep a conversation alive that I don't wanna have in the first place or where it is unavoidable to zone out.

The "Malcolm in the Middle - Method"!
I'm not sure in what kind of context the show addressed this method, which episode it was or who of the characters actually used it. I think it was the little one. But I know that it was this very show that introduced me to the idea of rephrasing / reusing words of the person concerned and turning them into a question.
It goes like this:

Bla Bla blabla Bla Blabdibla X, blabla Bla.

Oh, X blabla?

Yeah, Bla X bla, but blaBlaBlabla and Y Blabla!

Cool, so Y bla Blabla?
and so on...

Normally, the other person doesn't notice what you're doing. He/She keeps on going and going and going if you don't stop them or if they don't have something called "social intelligence" - a topic I already wrote a blog post about waaay back in 2012 (click here!) (so embarassing...).
Furthermore, you can think about important things like "Is this olive or moss green?" or "I wonder if aliens have livers, too..." while half-assedly listening to what your partner has to say.

If your friends know this technique, they can call you out on it when you use it.
So just to let you know, guys: if I ask you something in this way, it doesn't mean that I don't wanna talk/listen to you. Here's a hint: Look at things like body posture, eye contact and interaction to find out if your friend is really listening to you!
Also, the lack of interest/attention + over-generalizing the method + too much patience can lead in the wrong direction. What might've started as a normal conversation can turn into an infinite loop of nonsense and suffering.

So when you're faced with a crampy conversation, try out the MMM!
But beware of the possible consequences...

...What else could MMM stand for? That's right, Maximiwax' Music Mix! There you go! :D
~music time~


Let me know if the method worked for you! :)
And enjoy the rest of the week!...


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